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We provide consulting and advisory services to help governments, industries and organizations globally transition to the new generation of decentralized identity infrastructure.

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About us. We are a boutique firm with a global presence and influence.


We are driven by the mission to enable a better generation of digital identity infrastructure for all. This prompts us to work on projects and initiatives that are key to making it a reality and with partners and clients who strive for the same.

Trusted Relationships

We believe that good digital identity technology is only possible when the people behind it strive to build strong and trusted relationships in the real world. We hold ourselves to this high standard and expect the same from those we work with.


A small firm can only make a big difference in the development of Internet infrastructure when we collaborate. So when you work with us, you will be supported by our collaborators across the world, who are as eager to see your success as we do.


We work to empower our partners and clients to do their work better rather than to develop reliance on us. We want to have long-term project engagements with clients but only when it is the right and best thing to do.

Constructive Engagement

We are not "Yes" people and don't expect you to be. We respect the perspectives, experiences and expertise our partners and clients bring to the table. Only when we engage constructively with you can we discover the best path forward for you.


We take pride in our commitment to simple and clear communications and believe that good communications are critical in a complicated and rapidly evolving space where success is dependent on alignment of a variety of parties.

Kaliya Young, Founding Partner

Kaliya Young, widely known as Identity Woman, is a world leading expert and active community builder in decentralized/self-sovereign identity. She has committed her life to the development of an open-standards-based layer of the internet that empowers people.

Kaliya co-founded the Internet Identity Workshop, where OpenID Connect and OAuth were created. She has been named one of the most influential women in tech by Fast Company Magazine. She is a frequent speaker at flagship identity events and has been active on a range of industry expert groups.

Kaliya is a proud Canadian, currently residing in Oakland, California. She has a Masters of Science in Identity Management and Security from the University of Texas at Austin. She is the author of the Domains of Identity and co-author of "A Comprehensive Guide to Self-Sovereign Identity".

Lucy Yang, Managing Partner

Lucy Yang is an entrepreneurial and resourceful business leader and advisor. She is a go-to-market expert with a wealth of management experience in startups and nonprofits, covering a wide range of areas such as edtech, health tech, blockchain, digital identity, and personal data management.

Lucy led the COVID Credentials Initiative and helped launch the Global COVID Certificate Network (GCCN) at the Linux Foundation, one of the first decentralized federation architectures leveraging the widely accessible Domain Name System (DNS) and its security extensions. She currently consults at the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) where GCCN was extended to become the Digital TRUST Infrastructure for Discovery and Validation (Regi-TRUST) project, enabling a new model of trust building for digital ecosystems.

Lucy is based in Toronto, Canada. She has her first master's degree in Educational Anthropology and obtained her MBA from the University of Toronto.

We work with a group of professionals and industry experts to

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Work with us. Access our world-class services and expertise to succeed in adopting, developing and investing in Decentralized Identity.

Community of Practice

Digital identity technology is first and foremost infrastructures that require collaboration across organizations, industries and borders. It takes superb facilitation skills, domain expertise and market understanding to make such collaboration happen and effective. We offer all and exactly these.
  • Collective Problem Modeling
  • Rapid Standards and Solutions Prototyping
  • Collaborative Open Source Development
  • Open Consultation & Market Study

Go-to-Market Everything

Most are at the very beginning of their Decentralized Identity journey while the veterans are experiencing a rapidly evolving market. Everyone needs to find its position and go to market with new offerings in a way that plays its strengths and addresses its audiences. We are here to help on every step of your way.
  • Market Research and GTM Strategy
  • Ecosystem Prototyping and Building
  • Proof-of-Concepts and MVPs
  • Pilot Implementations and Rollout
  • Marketing Services and Sales Pitches
  • Technical Evaluation and Due Diligence

Training & Capacity Building

Digital identity cuts across all areas of our digital lives. Do you or does your team understand it and the potential implications of bad designs and implementations? There is no perfect solution, but only when you have a good understanding of what you are dealing with, you can make well-informed decisions for your companies and yourselves.
  • Course Development and Delivery
  • Customized Employee/Team Training
  • Interactive Workshops
  • Executive Advisory
  • Needs-Driven Advisory Sessions
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