Exploring Approaches to Digital Wallets

An Independent Study of the Digital Wallet Market

Having dealt with their own clients’ confusion about how to approach digital wallets (for individuals/persons), MATTR sponsored Identity Woman in Business to conduct an independent study to understand the digital wallet landscape and offer insights and clarity to those looking to formulate their digital wallet strategy and plan. 

The project involved reviewing existing market information and analysis, interviews with key players and industry experts, and finally sharing our own insights and recommendations. Two project deliverables are publicly available:

An Interviews Summary Report that aggregates the input from the key players and industry experts interviewed by us.  Fill out the following form to download the report:

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A final article/report that shares our take on the current digital wallet market and insights and recommendations for any existing and potential new players.

"As we’ve worked with customers and their wallet users, we’ve seen first-hand how important it is for users to trust where their digital wallets and credentials are coming from, and shared some of our own experiences along the way. While building digital trust has its challenges, we’ve seen many customers successfully lean on their existing brand trust and expert technology partners to create wallet solutions that scale. We are excited to see that the independent study Kaliya and Lucy did reached similar conclusions as well as drew new insights from those working in a different capacity in the industry from us. We hope you will enjoy reading and learning from the work as much as we do."

- Luke McIntyre, Chief Product Officer at MATTR

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